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What is a crawl space encapsulation?

A crawl space encapsulation is often used in the southeastern United States to stop extreme moisture damage such as rotting floor joists, fungal growth and moisture damage to insulation.

Now why would anyone want to encapsulate their crawl space? Aren't vents there for a reason?

Well, vents WERE there for a reason. Originally it was believed that the answer to controlling moisture in the crawl space was by increasing ventilation. It is now known that this does not work. Wall vented crawl spaces lead to mold growth, condensation and floor joists rot. (Taking the Vents Out of Vented Crawl Spaces).

To help prevent moisture from getting into the crawl space, a vapor barrier is put down over the dirt in the crawl space. The walls and piers are lined with wall curtain to prevent air and moisture from getting through the foundation walls.

To complete the encapsulation and prevent the HVAC from sweating, a dehumidifier will need to be installed.

It is important to keep your thermostat on a temperature that keeps you comfortable, but without a dehumidifier, this could cause damage to your crawl space. The cold air running through the HVAC meeting the hot air in the crawl space is like a glass of water as our owner, Kevin Johnson says.

"It's like a glass of ice water, the more ice, the more it sweats. If you have one with one ice cube and another full of ice, the one full of ice will sweat more," Kevin Johnson, Crawl Space Pro, Owner said.

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