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Preventative home care with sump pumps

Many homeowners in Eastern North Carolina are concerned about water in their crawl space due to frequent flooding in the region.

Around 25 percent of the crawl spaces we see have water in them. That number is doubled to 50 percent after a heavy rainfall.

On average, flooding occurs in North Carolina every seven and a half days. The main causes of flooding are hurricanes, heavy rainfall and river overflow.

After hurricane Florence in 2018, the amount of water in one customers crawl space had caused his HVAC unit to malfunction making his home very hot and humid.

We were able to help this customer by installing a sump pump next to his HVAC unit. In the two plus years since the install his crawl space has stayed dry and he stays comfortable in his home.

After a heavy rainfall in mid-February, the customer contacted us to let us know his crawl space was still dry despite the flooding Greenville, NC had experienced over the past few days.

Another customer in Kinston, NC who had also been impacted by the heavy rainfall in February reached out to let us know his sump pump had kept his split level home dry after his yard had turned into a swamp. In the past his house had flooded in similar conditions.

Sump pumps are used to prevent groundwater from flooding a crawl space. If necessary, it may be recommended that french drains be installed along with a sump pump to combat flooding in a crawl space. Sump pumps pump water out of the crawl space in order to keep your crawl space and home dry.

The average cost to install a sump pump is around $1,700.

Water damage repairs can cost $1,200 to $9,000 depending on how much water damage was caused in the crawl space. With frequent flooding in eastern North Carolina you may experience water damage in your crawl space more than once without proper crawl space care.

While we can’t keep eastern North Carolina dry, we can keep your crawl space dry. With frequent flooding in the region preventive care is cheaper than repairs. You do not want to wait until you are without A/C to get your crawl space fixed. Now is the time to make sure your crawl space is dry so you can remain comfortable in your home.

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